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Dr. Christine Downs

near-surface geophysics, hydrogeophysics, wetlands, geoarchaeology, GIS, 3D visualizations, education


My interests lie at the intersection of optimizing geophysical techniques, multidiscipline research, and 3D visualization. I specialize in shallow geophysics, focusing mostly on ground-penetrating radar, electromagnetic induction, and electric resistivity.  To date, the applications of my work have included delineating historic structures, monitoring coastal groundwater movement, imaging tuff ring stratigraphy, and mantled karst.


My Research

  • Using singular value decomposition (SVD) to isolate and remove ringing in GPR data. Performing grid-wide topographic correction on filtered GPR data using airborne and terrestrial LiDAR.

  • Modeling the 3D electromagnetic induction response of highly-conductive environments, such as coastal wetlands, to serve as a guide for interpreting field data where the low induction assumption is invalid.

  • Quantifying spatiotemporal changes at a sinkhole collapse through cloud to cloud comparison of terrestrial laser scanning and integrating remote sensing, geophysical, and geological datasets.

  • Evaluating the utility of time-lapse electrical resistivity in a hypersaline mangrove forest with a tidal regime, but limited surface water exchange.


Intermittently, I teach introductory earth science. In this role, I strive to inspire students to critically think about the natural world around them. There is always an emphasis in my classroom on local geology, hydrology, and meteorology in an effort to make students aware that Earth Science is a part of their everyday lives. 


University of Indianapolis

Earth & Space Science Online lecture and lab.

Hillsborough Community College

Introduction to Earth Science In-person lecture and lab.

University of South Florida

Introduction to Earth Science- Online lecture.

Essentials of Geology In-person lab.

Structural Geology & Tectonics In-person lab, field course.

Field Mapping Assisted in field course.

Field Geophysics Assisted in field course.

Contact Me

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